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PEANUTS Waiting For The Great Pumpkin Book
No matter how many times Halloween ends in disappointment, Linus still believes that one day the Great Pumpkin will rise from the patch.

Keepsake compilation of 4 pop-culture favorite tales by Charles M. Schulz highlight Linus' love, faith & perseverance.

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John Wayne's Way Life Lessons From The Duke Book
Standing tall over the fray, not only in physical stature, John Wayne refused to compromise in what he believed to be right, despite the consequences.

Go behind the scenes of 100 of The Duke's most iconic films, as the author summarizes how the movie characters reflected the actor's own philosophies and life lessons.

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Scrabble Puzzles Books
Can't get enough of the popular word game?

One-player puzzles let you play anytime without an opponent. Also includes the 101 allowable 2-letter words that will boost your score!

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Colorama - As Seen On TV
Coloring isn't just for kids! Rediscover the delightful relaxation of losing yourself in a coloring book by filling in any of these satisfyingly intricate designs.

Over 100 beautiful flowers, paisleys, "stained glass," and other complex patterns! Each is printed on perforated paper, making it easy to frame once completed.

Comes with 6 double-ended colored pencils.

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Animal Kingdom Adult Coloring Book
Coloring isn't just for kids! Adults find this form of creative expression to be both a brain-stimulating activity AND a relaxing pastime.

Intricately-patterned black and white illustrations on high-quality paper invite you to add color and your own imaginative touches. The result is dazzling, one-of-a-kind artwork that YOU created.

Pens/pencils not included.
1000 Dot To Dot Animals And Cities Books
These dot-to-dot books bring back fond memories and help keep the mind sharp!

Each puzzle consists of 1,000 dots and takes 30 mins. to an hour to complete. Reveal brilliant animals (like giraffes, dolphins, and sloths), or iconic cities (like Chicago, Hong Kong, and Moscow) that are fun to complete and cool enough to hang on the wall!

Each book features 20 incredible puzzles plus one poster.
The Wizard Of Oz Crochet Kit
Combine the classic film with a classic craft!

Kit includes book with illustrated step-by-step instructions for creating huggable versions of your favorite Oz characters, yarn, a metal crochet hook, stuffing, thread, and a tapestry needle.

You'll have enough materials to complete 2 characters right away, and the directions to make an entire dozen!

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The Official John Wayne Way To Grill Cookbook
He was a big man, with an appetite to match!

Official cookbook is packed with meals from Duke's table to yours--from Tex-Mex classics to the best of Western barbecue and everything in between!

Along with the recipes, son Ethan Wayne shares beautiful photos, anecdotes, and heart-warming stories about his legendary father, who remains one of America's most enduring icons.

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Accidental Inventions Book
Accidental Discoveries That Changed Our Lives!

The fascinating stories behind toys, foods, gadgets, tools, and more that we consider indispensable, but that were completely accidental inventions!

Read about Coke which wasn't intended as a soft drink. Find out what Velcro was meant to be. And how Post-it notes were discovered.

Over 240 color photos and fun "aha" stories make this interesting reading for everyone from teens to grandpas! A must for trivia buffs, too!
Cake My Day Cookbook
Easy, Eye-Popping Cake Designs!

Whether you're a kitchen klutz or a master decorator, you can create results that wow your family and guests! Press candy into frosting for a fun argyle pattern, learn how to produce "wood grain" for a guitar cake, transform a cake into a toaster with bagels! Or skip baking altogether and buy a pound cake and turn it into a high-top sneaker!

Cakes for every age--every occasion! Full-color photos throughout.
Macarons Recipe Book
Follow this foolproof technique for making easy, mouth-watering Parisian treats!

From the traditional lemon, raspberry & pistachio, to modern versions such as salted caramel, almond praline, chocolate cherry, and more. Full-color photos accompany every irresistible recipe.
Mug Shots Mealtiime And Desserts Cookbook
Complete Meal (Or Dessert) In A Mug In Minutes!

Grab a mug and mix together a few simple ingredients, then cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the microwave! Try the luscious Raspberry Pancake, spicy Fire-Roasted Mac & Cheese, comforting Chicken & Stuffing Bake; or, a satisfying Snickerdoodle Cookie that's ready in just 45 seconds!

Plus dozens of other single servings of homemade goodness-for-one, without the hassle or the heat.

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