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Burger And Fries Cookbooks
$7.98 - $11.98
One hundred of the most delectable burgers ever! Includes timeless favorites as well as new creations, and suggestions for the perfect sides.

French Fry-shaped board book has dozens of different fries recipes--like thick, thin, curly, crinkly, cheesy, garlicky, cajun, parmesan, and nacho! Plus, how to make tasty toppings, dips & more!
Elvis® The King Remembered DVD
Documentary spotlights the controversial film, The Elvis Files, and the unusual facts surrounding his death.

Collector's edition includes rare home movies, footage from his funeral, backstage footage from his unfinished film Elvis Karate, commentary from Paul McCartney, plus 23 movie trailers from his most legendary films.

Click here to see our entire Elvis® collection!
America's Most Wanted Recipes At The Grill Cookbook
Recreate Your Favorite Grilled Restaurant Meals In Your Own Backyard!

More than 150 copycat versions of the country's most popular grilled dishes, including Applebees® Riblets, Bob Evans® Southwest Burgers, Panera Bread® Steak Salad, Cheesecake Factory® Baja Chicken Hash, Benihana® Grilled Shrimp, and many other favorites you'll swear came from take-out!

Every dish has been tested and tweaked to taste just like the original, so fire up the grill and get ready to enjoy.
Celebrations Party Time DVD
Easily create the perfect party atmosphere!

Watch balloons, confetti and streamers fall across your TV screen, or "ooh" and "aah" as spectacular fireworks burst across your wall or window. Simply select your choice (many festive themes with sound effects and messages available) from the DVD menu and press play. Displays on your TV monitor, or, on any wall or surface if using a video projector.

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, 4th of July and other holidays!
Surprise Inside Cakes Cookbook
Bake Amazing Cakes With Surprises Inside!

Delight friends and family with cakes that are truly amazing from the inside out. When the cakes are cut, they reveal intricate patterns and designs within, such as hearts, flowers, checks, stripes, and more. Bakers of every skill level can create something amazing for any occasion!

Step-by-step instructions and full-color photos accompany every recipe.
Fun Stuff With Hershey's® Cookbook
Unique AND fun recipes using anything made by Hershey's!

Kisses, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Cocoa, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Syrup & more!. Over 100 recipes for snacks, desserts, beverages, gifts--even craft projects.

Crammed with full-color photos of treats like Firecracker Cake, Cookie Pizza, Gumdrop Bark & so much more.
The New Parents Fun Book
Activity Book For New Parents!

Designed like a kids' activity book, this hilarious alternative to the standard, sentimental baby gift is full of quirky humor to help make light of the trials and tribulations of new parenthood.

Crossword puzzles, connect-the-dots, mazes, quizzes, stickers, and other diversions for the new parent poke fun at those crazy first few months, all while recording the baby's milestones and growth!
Ice Cream Cakes Recipe Book
Make-ahead recipes for delectable and decadent treats like Raspberry Ribbon Beauty, Mint Chip Stack, Mexican Crunch, Macaroon Torte, and more.

Includes tips for different crusts, sprinkles, frostings and tasty add-ins.
Big Book Of Kids' Birthday Cakes
Elicit oohs and aahs with these easy recipes for whimsical shaped cakes, cupcakes, and kiddie cake pops, perfect for their special day.

Use basic recipes or packaged mixes, and decorate with readily available cereals, candies and trimmings. Full-color photos, step-by-step directions, and an assortment of templates assure great results no matter what your baking skill level.
Candy Shots Recipe Book
Shots, shooters, and slammers that taste just like popular candy and desserts from our childhood!

Indulge your sweet tooth and unleash your inner party animal with 150 unique concoctions like a Bubble Gum shot, adult Kool-Aid®, Fruity Pebbles® shot, Life Saver® cocktail, Snickers® slammer, and more!
Thomas And Friends™ Play A Sound Library
Simply snap the sound strip onto any of the 3 books. Then, follow along and press the buttons to hear 5 unique railway sounds and melodies for each story!

Click here to see our entire Thomas The Tank Engine™ collection!
Dump And Bake Desserts Cookbook
For the ultimate no-fuss prep, just grab a pan, toss in the ingredients, stir & bake--what could be easier? Dump & Bake Desserts includes recipes for scrumptious tarts, pies, bars, cakes & more without a mixer and best of all, without a mess!

Original Dump Cake recipe book shows you how to make everything from Caramel Apple Cake to Orange Chocolate Truffle in minutes!
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