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Shots And Shooters Book
Contains 50 tasty and unique creations, with catchy names like B-52, Surfer on Acid, Squashed Frog, and Brain Hemorrhage!
Moneygami Book
Create a dozen spectacular easy-to-fold origami designs from currencies around the world!

Follow the instructions in the illustrated guide, and in minutes you'll create the frame & easel, 5-point star, daisy, frog, duck, dragon, and more!

Also includes 56 pieces of paper (including 7 faux currencies) to practice with, and 3 specially-sized papers to make your own origami wallet.
AtmosCHEER FX Santa's Visit DVD
Create the perfect holiday environment, with a surprise visit from St. Nick, or turn your TV into a cheery yuletide fireplace!

DVD features 4 program effects with combinations of animation, music, and ambient sounds that can be set on a continuous loop. Works best with TV monitor (alone or placed in a window), or projector.
Tic Tac Tome Book
Play Against The Book!

Deceptively simple, endlessly addictive, and almost impossible to beat! Turn the pages to play your moves and be amazed as the book outsmarts you forward, backward, and diagonally!

Elect to play first, or let the book make the first move.
Top 100 Step-By-Step Napkin Folds Book
Helps You Create Unique Table Settings!

100 different folding techniques are divided into easy, intermediate, and advanced sections. Full-color pictures of dozens of napkins for every occasion and party theme.
Mork And Mindy DVD Sets
Na-nu, Na-nu!

Wild, wacky, and operating at warp speed, Robin Williams rocketed to stardom in this laugh-filled comedy debuting in 1978 and co-starring Pam Dawber.
Wizard Of Oz™ Film FAQ Book
In celebration of the 75th anniversary, this fact-filled volume traces the complete story of the 1939 MGM masterpiece.

Follow the yellow brick road, from its origins in L. Frank Baum's novels, to the movie's conception, development and shoot. Questions are posed and answered, with special attention given to casting difficulties, on-set accidents and gaffes, deleted scenes, the physical horrors of filming in Technicolor, and much more.

Click here to see our entire Wizard Of Oz™ collection!
1000 Dot To Dot Icons Book
Remember those simple dot-to-dot pictures from our childhood?

Brace yourself--these complex grown-up versions each consist of 1000 dots, guaranteed to provide a challenging, yet satisfying, fun time! As you connect the dots, sophisticated and stylish portraits emerge, revealing 20 different pop culture icons, including Madonna, Hitchcock, Einstein, VanGogh, Elvis, Marilyn, Mona Lisa, Shakespeare and 12 more.
Whose Butt Animals Book
A picture book of butts that makes kids of all ages laugh out loud!

Amazing nature photography captures the behinds of some common (and not so common) animals--then flip the page to reveal whose butt it is!

Includes wolf, deer, beaver, chickadee & more. Plus interesting facts about each animal/bird.
Classic Friars Club Roasts DVD Set
Special boxed set features rare performances, lost in the vaults and not seen for over 40 years!

Watch the original kings of comedy get royally roasted: Johnny Carson, Milton Berle, Jack Benny, Don Rickles, and Jerry Lewis are skewered by their peers, including Groucho Marx, Henny Youngman, Flip Wilson, Dick Cavett, Rex Reed, and many more!

Includes a bonus disc of hilarious outtakes.
Fun Stuff Holiday Cookbook
More than 65 holiday recipes, each with full-page photo, help you create sensational sweets and treats throughout the year.

Heart-shaped brownies for Valentines Day, kaleidoscope eggs for Easter, flag pizza for 4th of July... popcorn ghosts for Halloween, and other deliciously fun and festive goodies.
How To Draw Caricatures Book
Master the art of this popular cartooning style!

Learn how to exaggerate proportions and prominent characteristics, create expressions and gestures, and more. Celebrity examples include Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, John Lennon, Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Nicholson, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, and more!
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