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Margaritaville 5 O'Clock Somewhere And Livin' For The Weekend Coloring Books
It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!

Beautiful Buffett-inspired coloring books feature 48 detachable coloring pages so they're easy to remove for framing or sharing.

Top-bound pad is perfect for both right- and left-handers. Use the protective inlay card as a tablet and to prevent indents on other pages.

Also includes a set of 24 colors on 12 double-sided quality pencils, and a convenient pencil sharpener with built-in storage case for both!

Buy any 2 or more, $15.98 each.
Fortune Teller Cat Journal
Embossed keepsake journal features Lisa Parker's trademark mystical artwork, perfect for recording dreams, thoughts, visions, and inspirations.

With metallic cover, 160 blank pages, finely bound, fully sewn sections, rounded spine; matching head & tail bands; and matching silk ribbon.
Secret Restaurant Recipes Cookbook
Discover the secrets behind your favorite restaurant foods and create them right in your own kitchen!

Easy copycat recipes for every meal of the day, from stacks of pancakes & French toast, to salads & sandwiches, delicious shrimp, chicken & pasta dishes. Impress with fun and flavorful appetizers like quesadillas & egg rolls. Dessert offerings include tiramisu, creamy pies & warm cakes you can enjoy while dining in.

More than 85 beautiful photos accompany the recipes.
Southern Cooking Cookbook Set
Your go-to recipe source when you want it to taste as good as it looks!

Set of 4 recipes volumes includes Side Dishes, Fried Favorites, Barbecue, and Desserts. Each is filled with mouth-watering photos to inspire and guide you.
Poke Cakes And More Cookbook
Create fabulous cakes to wow your family and friends!

You'll find the perfect dessert for every occasion--more than 60 fantastic recipes, including colorful creations like Rainbow Poke Cake and the deliciously-sticky S'mores Poke Cake!

Bring the fun back to baking with other treat sensations such as single serving mug cakes, cupcakes, snack cakes and dump cakes.

Beautiful photos accompany each recipe.
PEANUTS Coloring Book
Charles M. Schulz's beloved characters are reimagined in 124 fanciful coloring book images.

Interwoven with classic themes, such as Lucy & Schroeder at the piano, and Snoopy happy.

Click here to see our entire PEANUTS collection!
Diana Queen Of Hearts DVD
20th Anniversary Tribute!

Acclaimed director and screen actor Lord Richard Attenborough honors the late Diana, Princess of Wales, from his unique perspective as a trusted friend of hers for many years.

Archival footage is combined with interviews from the people who knew her throughout her life, including her nanny, schoolteachers, therapists, employers, and her astrologer.

World figures and personal friends of the Princess talk for the first time about her hopes and fears in this loving tribute to one of the greatest leaders of our generation.

It's a celebration of who she truly was, the joys she found in life, the power she had to heal and inspire, and the legacy she left behind.
Brain Games Extreme Word Search Book
Solve over 110 traditional, shaped, and 3D word search puzzles, all on a variety of themes!
The Gospel Side Of Elvis Book
Gospel music was a significant part of not only who Elvis was as a man, but as an artist, too.

Take a closer look at his roots and the role of gospel in his early years, as well as the comfort, solace, and strength it offered him during his meteoric rise.

With the addition of "150 Little-Known Facts About Elvis," and 8 unique appendices not included in the original hardcover book, this paperback edition reveals much more.

Click here to see our entire Elvis Presley collection!
The Proverbial Cat Book
Purr-fectly wonderful collection of artwork, featuring illustrations of a charming and dignified cat, accompanied by inspiring quotes and phrases rendered in fine calligraphy.

A feast for the eyes and minds of cat lovers everywhere!
Daily Inspurrations Book
Cats radiate contentment, and their loving companionship makes them the ideal role model for how to live life well.

Charming photos and thoughtful captions encourage us to appreciate the joy in life, and to share it through acceptance, warmth, flexibility, and forgiveness.
More Dump And Bake Cakes Recipe Book
This "second helping" of quick recipes introduces you to the 3-ingredient wonder of Pina Colada Angel Food cake, a unique tastebud tantalizer made with Pistachios & Cream, and dozens more!

Color illustrations and instructions throughout.
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