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Precious Moments™ Barnyard Dolls
Trimmed in felt and ribbons, these little cuties are dressed in animal costumes straight from Old MacDonald's farm!

Crafted with adorable faces and movable arms.

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Dammit Doll® Cancer Doll
Dealing with surgery, chemo, radiation, hair loss, fatigue--all while trying to maintain some degree of normalcy is challenging.

Dammit cancer doll is designed to withstand repeated whackings, giving patients (and their loved ones) an outlet for the anger and frustration that go with a cancer diagnosis. The pink camo pattern and expressive poem reinforce your commitment to the fight.

A portion of the proceeds benefits cancer research.
Precious Moments™ Beauty Sleep Dolls
Was: $31.98
Now: $27.97
Beauty does not come easy, as you can tell from her bedtime ritual! Poseable doll features nightgown, bloomers, bunny slippers, and curlers in her hair.

State choice: Blonde or Brunette.

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Talking Light Up My First Dolly
Soft and cuddly plush doll says "I love you" when you press her tummy, as her cheeks glow pink!

Babies adore the doll's different textures, her smiling face, and the crinkly sound she makes when you squeeze her hat and feet.

She's the perfect first doll!
The Big Bang Theory™ Talking Sheldon Doll
Brilliant physicist, lovable nerd!

Fans of the show are sure to get a "big bang" out of this bendable, poseable cloth and vinyl doll that spouts 8 of Sheldon's classic quotes from the show when you press on his chest.

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Dammit Doll® Anger Therapy
Everyone Needs A Dammit Doll!

Take out your anger and frustration on the therapeutic Dammit Doll! Sturdily crafted of cotton and fiberfill to hold up to repeated whackings--and it won't hit back! A verse sewn onto the doll (shown above) tells you just how to do it!

Patterns vary; our choice please. (And if you don't like the pattern we send, use that excuse to give your new Dammit Doll its first workout!)