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Burlap Ghosts Party Light Set
Don't look now, but you're being watched! Ten shrouded ghost lights slowly cycle through an assortment of colors, casting an eerie glow on your festivities.

Double-ended cord for stringing up to 3 sets together. Includes extra bulbs and fuse. For use indoors or covered outdoor area.
Guitar Party Lights Set
Ten colorful guitar lights keep the party rockin', rollin', and glowin' all night long!

Double-ended cord for stringing up to 3 sets together. Includes extra bulbs and fuse. For indoor or covered outdoor area.
Disney Frozen Olaf Nightlight
We really fell for this snowman with the warm heart!

Figure atop base features on/off switch, and swiveling plug to accommodate any outlet.

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Bates Motel String Lights
$9.98 - $10.98
Some motels will leave a light on for you. The Bates Motel will leave you wishing you just kept driving.

Novelty lights pay tribute to the iconic motel to remind friends and house guests that we all go a little mad sometimes. String 'em up in your window, weave 'em through your hedges, or use them to give a little psychotic edge to the bathroom!

Each string has 10 lights for indoor OR outdoor decorating. Comes with 4 replacement bulbs.
Moose Fireplace Lamp
With 3 Lighting Options!

Lamp adds warmth to any décor! Realistic stone texture with mounted moose head trophy and mantlepiece, topped with a "cracked-parchment" look shade.

Multi-switch lets you select from 3 lighting options--lamp only, fireplace only, or both lamp and fireplace.
Kaleidoscope Bike Tire Lights
$2.98 - $26.98
Fasten light bar to bike wheel spokes and start pedaling to see it automatically cycle through 30 different mesmerizing patterns! Red, blue, green and yellow LED lights create that added "wow" to your ride!

Adjustable spoke fasteners accommodate most bikes. Sold singly.
Betty Boop Cylinder Nightlight Lamp
$2.98 - $27.98
Unique cylinder lamp (with wrap-around design) has the look of frosted glass and features a light inside that cycles through a rainbow of hues, casting a soft, relaxing 360° glow.

Lightweight housing includes a pop-up bail handle and detachable chain for hanging, and padded feet for tabletop use.

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White And Color Changing LED Bottle Lights
$2.98 - $12.98
Just place your bottle or vase on the disk and the pressure activates a white or slow color-changing hypnotic effect that illuminates the entire bottle! Light goes off when you move the bottle. Sold as set of 2.

Perfect for a centerpiece or as décor in any room!
Moonlight Mushroom Lamp
$2.98 - $26.98
Projects A Magical Light Show!

Multi-colored lights inside the mushroom dome project butterflies and flowers on your wall that fade in and out, creating a magical effect!

Programmable, with 8 different shows to match every mood and style.
Smile Switch LED Red And Black Night Lights
$2.98 - $9.98
Just flip the "nose" switch to turn on these cute battery-powered nightlights that glow with 6 LED lights. Since they don't need an outlet, you can place them nearly anywhere--bathroom, hallway, children's room.

Just peel and stick with the included reusable adhesive strips that won't damage walls.

Buy any 2 or more, $9.50 each.
Aunt Sadie's Baked Pumpkin Pie And Candy Cane Sticks Scented Candles
Hand-poured blend of premium wax and essential oils fills your home with delightful holiday scents, any time of the year!
Solar Powered Paw Prints Light Set
Little paw prints light the way from dusk 'til dawn--no outlet required!

Place the solar collector in a sunny spot. Then place the paw stakes into the ground for a fun garden accent.

Set of 4 lights, with cord between each paw.
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