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Welcome Scram Garden Gnome
Two-sided statuary with a different expression and sign on each side can either welcome guests with a smile, or give them a scowl that says it's time to scram!

You decide which side to display--or place him where visitors will glimpse both sides, either coming or going!
Naked Garden Gnome
There's nothing shy about this cheeky guy--he grins AND bares it!

Two-sided design so you're sure to see him coming AND going as you make your way past.
Christmas Tree In A Can
Grow Your Own Christmas Tree!

Perfect gift to mail across the miles, or give for shut-ins, dorm rooms, grandparents with small quarters, etc. Remove the lid, add water, and place it in a bright spot and watch as it sprouts in 8-10 days.

The mini evergreen tree can be enjoyed indoors, then planted outdoors as it grows.
Bare Butt And Stinky Garden Gnome
Extending an unusual welcome to all visitors to your home or garden, this sassy pair grins and bares it!

Garden gnome sculptures are fun and colorful conversation pieces!
Redneck Weather Center
Was: $8.00 - $8.97
Now: $8.00 - $8.97
Who needs a meteorologist when you have your very own weather center on hand?

Tongue-in-cheek "predictor" is handcrafted in cedar, and makes a great gift for your favorite redneck!
Grow Your Own Pumpkins Kit
Was: $9.98
Now: $2.57
Start Inside, Plant Outside!

Sprout plants in this mini greenhouse, then transplant them outside to grow until harvest time in just 3 months! Guaranteed to grow!

Kit includes windowsill greenhouse, pumpkin seeds, planting mixture, and instructions.
No Peeing In Pool Gnome
Just call him the pool monitor! Cute statuary invites summertime smiles.
Great Garden Gnome Massacre
It's A Gnome Massacre!

Oh no, a T-rex is loose in your yard and it's gnome carnage everywhere! Hilarious figure might make garden gnomes everywhere quake in fear.
Inflatable Birth Announcement
Boy Girl
Was: $24.98
Now: $6.57
Plug it in, and this cute stork inflates automatically to announce the arrival of your newest family member! Illuminated from within to be visible both day and night.

State choice: Girl or Boy.
Go Away Garden Gnome
Gives Guests "The Finger"!

If you're pestering, he's gesturing! Figure with handpainted details is anything but the welcoming garden variety!
Solar Underwater Light Show
$22.98 - $24.98
Six solar-powered LEDS emit up to a 10-ft light pattern in your pool!

Ten different light shows, 5 with rotation. Can also be used out of the water--try hanging it from a ceiling fan, umbrella or tree for a disco ball effect!
Mushroom Solar Garden Lights
Built-in solar panels absorb sun by day, and automatically provide soft LED lighting at night for up to 8 hours.

Sturdy stakes support the mushroom tops that shimmer with rich color, enhancing your outdoor area both day and night.

Available in Hummingbird and Ladybug designs.
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