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Screaming Goat Kit
Why yell at your coworkers, when this little guy can do it for you?

World-famous viral-video sensation stands atop his tree stump, ready to scream in traffic, at school, or in your pocket at the super market with the push of a button.

Includes an illustrated pocket guide for your new friend and his real-life compadres.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Hairbrush And Umbrella Flask
$13.98 - $19.98
Money-saving, easy-to-hide fakes hold your favorite party beverages & go anywhere you do!

Safer and lighter than glass; perfect for picnics, beach, concerts, sporting events, hotel pools, cruises, etc.
Hillary Clinton Laughing Pen
Laugh WITH her or AT her!

Just press the button on this ballpoint pen, and it plays Hillary's own laughter as the mouth really moves!

It's a HILL-arious gag gift for this election year.
Farts In A Can
$2.98 - $11.98
High-fidelity canned fart sounds for your enjoyment!

Whether you're looking for a gag gift or just want to have some laughs, canned flatulence is the perfect answer.

Includes six super-satisfying fart sounds: silent but deadly; loud and proud; the big boy; uh oh! one too far; booty bomb, and the squeaker.
Recordable Beer Pager
$2.98 - $24.98
Perfect for the person who always misplaces their drink!

Record a message up to 15 seconds--voice, sound, music, etc. Remote activates it up to 60 feet away, making your drink light up, call your name, play a song, whistle for you--whatever you've recorded.

The holder keeps your beverage chilled, and the remote clips onto belt or purse. Don't leave home without it!
Buzzer Alarm Clock
$2.98 - $22.98
Shake up your wake-up!

Alarm won't shut off until you use the looped wand to trace the wire without touching it. Touch the wire and you have to start all over again while the alarm keeps on going!

Great gag gift for the morning-challenged.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox
The perfect blend of fun and functionality to fully equip the new or soon-to-be dad!

Ultimate toolbox contains 14 items ranging from useful--diaper, wipes, pacifier, picture frame, etc.--to hilarious must-haves like goggles, tongs, rubber gloves, and biohazard bag! A hoot at the baby shower!

Dad can use the sturdy handled box for actual tools (if he makes it past the diaper stage!)
Donald Trump Toilet Paper Set
We like to have a little fun with politicians, just as the comedians and pundits have done for centuries. If you do too, we have the perfect prank gift for your political allies OR foes.

Caricatures of The Donald, printed on every sheet; won't smudge or smear. Set of 3 rolls (3-ply).
Animated Big Mouth Billy Bass
$2.98 - $29.98
He's ba-aaack!

Lifelike fish plays and sings along to "Don't Worry Be Happy" and "I Will Survive" while flapping his tail and moving his body and mouth to the music! In motion-activation mode, Billy breaks into song when movement is detected, or you can command a bass-tacular performance any time with the push of a button!

Can be hung on a wall or displayed on any flat surface with fold-out easel.
Remote Control Sound Machine
$2.98 - $19.98
Scare them, confuse them, annoy them, and amuse them with an assortment of 9 sounds you control with the remote!

Hide the speaker unit, then push the remote's buttons to hear heavy breathing, mosquito buzzing, water dripping, woman screaming, footsteps, burping, farting and more!

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Musical Smile Keychain Set
Was: $11.98
Now: $5.47
Add some "happy" to someone's day!

Set of 2 embroidered plush smile face keychains sing and giggle when you squeeze them. Attach one to the stroller or carseat, use as a gift tie-on... cute for lunchboxes and backpacks, too!

Assorted styles; our choice, please.
Shotgun Shell Bottle Opener With Sound
Was: $14.98
Now: $13.97
Insert beer bottle neck into opening, then tilt slightly and pull out. Action triggers a shotgun blast sound, and your "twist-off" bottle cap is removed!
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