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Camel Plush
A few cuddles from this friend will surely get you over the "hump" and through the rest of the week!
Animated Sunshine Duck
$2.98 - $24.98
Our bright and perky Sunshine Duck in yellow plush moves her head, flaps her wings, and sings "You Are My Sunshine" when you press her wing.

Dressed in her prettiest springtime finery, she's guaranteed to brighten any day!

Colors may vary; our choice please.
Animated How Sweet It Is Bee Plush
$2.98 - $24.98
Nothing says romance like this adorable plush bear!

Press his paw and his wand & antenna light up! The hearts flash as his body sways & arms flutter while he sings, "How Sweet It Is."
Animated Graduation Donkey Plush
Was: $2.98 - $24.98
Now: $2.98 - $20.87
Wish that graduate good luck out there in the real world!

Plush donkey's got the robe, he's got the tassel, so he didn't expect this great big hassle! Laugh along as he bounces back and forth and raps an original parody of "U Can't Touch This!"
Animated Puppy Love Plush
$2.98 - $29.98
Winning hearts is easy for this little pup!

Press his foot and he sings the tune "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch," as his mouth moves to the lyrics. While the music plays, he folds and unfolds his embroidered felt hearts bearing the message, "I Love U Soooooo Much!"

Soft, sweet, and simply irresistible!
Animated Peek-A-Boo Bear Plush
$2.98 - $29.98
Cute plush bear sings an original song in a child's voice, as it engages your little one in a game of peek-a-boo!

When you press the bear's foot, the music starts and he moves his arms back and forth to cover and uncover his eyes--peek-a-boo!
Dammit Doll® Cancer Doll


Dealing with surgery, chemo, radiation, hair loss, fatigue--all while trying to maintain some degree of normalcy is challenging.

Dammit cancer doll is designed to withstand repeated whackings, giving patients (and their loved ones) an outlet for the anger and frustration that go with a cancer diagnosis. The pink camo pattern and expressive poem reinforce your commitment to the fight.

A portion of the proceeds benefits cancer research.
Duck Dynasty™ Talking Si Figure
Was: $2.98 - $34.98
Now: $2.98 - $22.97
Ask Si a question, then press his beard to hear a snippet of Duck Dynasty's popular theme song before he spouts one of 20 phrases of his unique backwoods wisdom, spoken in his authentic voice!

Beard lights up as he speaks! Sure to make you Hap-pay, Hap-pay, Hap-pay!

Click here to see our entire Duck Dynasty™ collection!
Reindeer On The Roof Set
Delivers Messages To Santa!

Start a new holiday tradition! Children fill out their Christmas list, place it into the reindeer's saddlebag, then place the reindeer on the roof of his barn. When the children are asleep, the reindeer flies to the North Pole to deliver the Christmas list to Santa. Once the reindeer is back inside the barn, the children know that their list has been delivered!

Set includes plush poseable reindeer, Reindeer On The Roof storybook, barn, and Christmas list. A link to an interactive website lets kids enter their reindeer's secret code for more fun North Pole activities!
Grumpy Cat Plush
The internet darling is now a plush toy!

The resemblance is spot-on, from her Siamese markings to her little down-turned mouth! She might be grumpy, but she's sure to make YOU smile!
NFL Plush Quarterback
Plush 10" quarterback collectible wears officially-licensed uniform with name and number on front and back. Include him in your pre-game rituals, victory celebrations and post-game chats! Surface washable. For ages 3 & up. Player choices: Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Robert Griffin III, Joe Flacco, Colin Kaepernick, Peyton Manning.
Talking Light Up My First Dolly
Was: $22.98
Now: $16.77
Soft and cuddly plush doll says "I love you" when you press her tummy, as her cheeks glow pink!

Babies adore the doll's different textures, her smiling face, and the crinkly sound she makes when you squeeze her hat and feet.

She's the perfect first doll!
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