Household Helpers

Household Helpers

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Shotgun Shell LED Flashlight Set
Nine super-bright bulbs shine from what looks like an authentic shell! Set of 2 are perfect for home, yard, auto, RV/camper, boat, etc.

Assorted colors; our choice, please.
M&M's Bluetooth Speaker
Sweet sounds!

Portable and fun Red loves music as much as you do. He stands on his own, ready to play tunes from your devices.

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The Clapper - As Seen On TV
Sound-Activated On/Off Switch!

Turn your lights, music, fans, etc. on and off with just 2 claps of your hands! Simply plug your appliance into the sound-activated unit, and CLAP!

Great for items in hard-to-reach places, such as Christmas tree lights. Turn off the bedroom light without getting out of bed, or turn on the lights in a dark room before you enter.

The Clapper plugs into any standard outlet. You can set it to respond to 2 or 3 claps, and also adjust the sound sensitivity level.

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Striped Cat Doorstop
Sweet-faced kitten holds the door open or closed, and looks pretty darn adorable doing it!

Image printed on exterior; weighted with buckwheat filling.
Spam And SpaghettiOs Cans Secret Safes
$10.98 - $11.98
Did you know burglars spend an average of 6 minutes (or less!) rummaging through stuff to steal?

Hide your valuables--cash, jewelry, keys, and more--in not-so-obvious places like your pantry with these genius can safes! They even make it easy to quickly grab your most-important items in the event you need to "bug out" and go off the grid.

Miniature safe boxes feature licensed designs to mimic real cans of Spam and SpaghettiOs to keep your items perfectly preserved.
NFL Helmet Lawn Bag Set
Was: $15.98
Now: $10.87
Show off your team pride and make short work of dreaded lawn clean-up at the same time!

Officially licensed NFL team helmet bags are tough enough to handle all types of yard waste. Set of 2.

Choose team: Bears, Broncos, Packers, Patriots, Eagles, Steelers, or Seahawks.
Handy Heater
The Wall-Outlet Space Heater!

Compact space heater gives you on-demand warmth from any outlet to heat an entire room! Thermo-ceramic design and 2-speed whisper-quiet fan is powerful enough to heat up to 250 sq. ft.

Features 12-hr. programmable timer, digital temperature control (from 60°F-90°F), rotating plug to fit virtually any 3-prong outlet, stay-cool plastic housing, and auto shutoff.

Great for bedrooms, garages, and more.
Bell Howell TacLight Flashlight - As Seen On TV
Used by:
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire & Rescue
Super-tough, compact, lightweight flashlight is 40X brighter than regular flashlights and can be seen up to 5 nautical miles away!

Made with high-grade aircraft aluminum, even running over it with a Humvee won't stop the Taclight! Works when frozen and even under water!

With zoom function and 5 light modes, including strobe and SOS signal, it's great for camping, hunting and personal protection.

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Bird Beverage Boat Set
Was: $12.98
Now: $6.67
You get to float around your pool without a care--shouldn't your drink be able to do the same?

Set of 3 (white swan, black swan & flamingo) inflatable birds keep your refreshments afloat in the pool, at the beach--even in the bathtub!
Big Shot Hose Nozzle
Was: $19.98
Now: $8.57
Challenge those windows to a down & dirty duel! Point at those plants and say "Reach for the sky!" Then head for the driveway and let loose on the car!

Just squeeze the trigger. It won't hurt a bit, but you'll definitely feel like a big shot when the job's done.

Fits most standard hose couplings.
Pocket Hose Dura Rib - As Seen On TV
Was: $12.98 - $19.98
Now: $7.87 - $12.97
The Super-Strong Hose That Grows!

Expanding hose eliminates dragging bulky, heavy hoses that kink and tangle! Revolutionary Dura-Rib inner tube and dual Connector Protectors mean no leaks. Includes removable spray nozzle with 3 adjustable settings.

Self-draining Pocket Hose Holder II hangs over any standard faucet to store and protect your Pocket Hose.

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Pink And Silver Gun Screwdrivers
Do-it-yourselfers can tackle that list of fix-it chores AND pack some heat!

Rechargeable screwdrivers with forward and reverse look just like a snub-nose revolver. Includes 6 different-sized drill bits that store in the chambers.

Choose either pink or silver.

Buy any 2 or more, $27.98 each.
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