Household Helpers

Household Helpers

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M&M's® Shower Curtain And Hooks
Brighten Your Bath With M&M's Decor!

Shower curtain includes red plastic rings or show your good taste with the oh-so-cute metal shower curtain hooks (sold separately).

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Remote Smartphone Shutter Release
Easily snap selfies and group portraits without contortion and distortion.

Works via Bluetooth® from up to 60 feet away from your phone. Simply download a free app, then press a button on the remote to release your camera's shutter. Everyone looks natural--no stretched arms or big head in the front.

Includes a mini easel to hold phone landscape or portrait, and replaceable cell battery. Bluetooth compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and Note 2; Apple (iOS 6.0 & later) iPhone 4S/5; iPad 3rd/4th generation; iPad mini; iPod Touch 5th generation or later.
Butterfly Garden Set
Create Your Own Butterfly Garden!

Attract butterflies to your yard or garden with our seed mat. Simply roll it out, water regularly, and watch it bloom with wildflower species that attract butterflies.

The hanging butterfly feeder keeps them coming back for food! Fill trays with sugar water, or fruit slices (not included).
Rear End Tissue Box Cover
Cheeky accessory for bed or bath fits over most rectangular tissue boxes. Pull tissues from the "moon shot!" Gets laughs every time.

Tissues not included.
Side Socket™ - As Seen On TV
No more hard-to-reach outlets!

Fit your furniture flush against the wall. Side Socket has one set of outlets that faces to the side, and the other set swivels 90 degrees so it can face forward OR sideways. Cleans up messes of cords in garage, home, office!

Original turns 2 outlets into 6 while the Elite turns 2 outlets into eight and has a built-in testable surge protector.

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Portable TV And DVD Player
Great way to pass the time or use when your family is hogging the main television.

Portable widescreen LCD display swivels 270-degrees and boasts a built-in hybrid TV tuner, DVD/CD player, USB port and SD card reader. Meaning there are tons of ways to watch or listen to your favorite TV shows, movies and music!

Features speakers, auto channel programming, audio and video line output, selectable screen mode and built-in rechargeable battery. Includes remote control, AC/DC adapter, AV cables.
Betty Boop™ Eyeglasses Holder
Betty keeps a close eye on your glasses so you'll always be able to locate those specs when you need them!

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Talking Toilet Paper Holder
$2.98 - $12.98
It's Recordable!

Record messages up to 9 seconds long and change them as often as you like. The possibilities--and the laughs--are endless!

Your message plays back when the TP is pulled, surprising them when they least expect it!
President Barack Obama Tissue Dispenser
The first step in Obama's health care plan is right under your nose--and his!

Tissue box cover feeds tissues through the caricature face of our prez.

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Scarf Holder
Store A Lot In A Little Space!

Hanging rack holds 28 scarves, from lightweight silk to heavy knit. Keeps them wrinkle-free and at your fingertips for easy selection.

Assorted colors; our choice, please.
Pop Up Bungalow Pet Bed
Pillow-soft pet bed with smooth covering and fur-like lining pops open to form a cozy hiding spot for cats and small breed dogs. Bed also has a small removable cushion inside.

Great for home or travel!
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