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Money Soap Set
Was: $19.97
Now: $15.97
Set of 2 delightfully scented bars of soap have a surprise in the center--cold cash! Once the soap wears down, you capture your prize--guaranteed to be one of the following: a real $1, $5, $10, $20, or even a $50 bill!

A unique gift AND a great incentive to get kids to wash their hands more often!
The Original Slush Mug Set
Was: $21.96
Now: $15.97
Changes almost any beverage into a delicious, frozen dessert!

Keep this set of 2 slush mugs in the freezer until you're ready, then pour in drink and watch as it thickens into an icy full-bodied slush in minutes! Your drink's flavor stays strong and undiluted since no ice is used!

Use over and over again!
Instant Red Wine Refresher And White Wine Chiller
Was: $39.98 - $39.98
Now: $24.77 - $39.98
Fits On Top Of Wine Bottle!

Serve wine at the perfect temperature with chillers that stay in the freezer until ready to use. Internal stainless steel tubes chill the wine as you pour, maintaining flavor, aroma and bouquet without altering the taste.

White Wine Chiller cools white wine and rosé--also chills vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, etc. so you don't have to use ice cubes that would dilute your drink.

Red Wine Refresher brings red wine from room to cellar temperature for maximum enjoyment.
Fire Truck Shaker Set And Cookie Jar
Was: $12.98 - $47.98
Now: $7.87 - $29.87
Got a snack emergency? Send this hot red cookie jar to the rescue!

Coordinating salt & pepper shaker set is magnetized to stay together for display.
Poo-Pourri Gone Flushin' Gift Set
Was: $24.95
Now: $21.98
Trap bathroom odor--hook, line, and stinker!

Spray Trap-A-Crap or Bass into the bowl before you go, and the blend of natural oils creates a barrier to stop bathroom odors.

"Tackle Box" gift set includes two bottles--about 100 sprays per bottle.
Wine Glass Appetizer Plate Set
Was: $24.98
Now: $19.99
Designed to rest on top of a wine glass, this set of 4 mahogany plates free up a hand for snacking and grazing.

Perfect gift for the wine lover and those who love to entertain!
Poo Pourri North Bowl Christmas Gift Set
Was: $24.95
Now: $18.97
Merry Spritzmas!

Spray Poo-Pourri into the bowl before you go, and the proprietary blend of natural essential oils creates a barrier to trap bathroom odors.

Holiday gift set includes two bottles--about 100 sprays per bottle.
Bottom's Up Santa Pilsner Glass
Was: $21.98
Now: $12.67
Too much eggnog?

Pilsner glass depicts Santa headed down the chimney the wrong way. Skillfully handcrafted in a multi-dimensional art technique that uses no paint on the inside of the glass.
M&M's® Holiday Tray Set
Was: $24.98
Now: $19.97
Serve goodies on this set of 2 melamine trays, for a splash of color to your buffet or dessert table.

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Dreamers Welcome Doormat And Dish Towel
$9.97 - $26.98
If you agree that "Life is but a dream," then you've come to the right place!

Cats Under A Full Moon doormat is printed with permanent ink on a fade-resistant indoor/outdoor mat. Dish towel is silkscreened with the same design.

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MLB® Beach Towel
Boston Red Sox N Y Yankees St Lou Cardinals
Was: $22.98 - $22.98
Now: $17.97 - $22.98
Five feet of absorbent comfort really steps up your game at beach, gym, or pool! Fiber-reactive print for best image quality.

Choose either Yankees, Cardinals, Cubs or Red Sox.
Fizz Ninja Soda Saver
Was: $5.98
Now: $2.57
Dedicated to conserving carbonation!

Replace the soda bottle cap with Fizz Ninja topper and gently squeeze to repressurize the bottle. Unique flip top allows you to pour the soda without removing the ninja, keeping drinks fresh & bubbly.
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