Betty Crocker 1950 Picture Cookbook

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First published in 1950, Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book became the cookbook that shaped cooking for generations making Betty Crocker the most trusted friend in the kitchen.

This 450 page reprint of the original edition is chock full of practical tips, useful hints, and great advice, plus tantalizing recipes for favorites from apple pie to the perfect roast turkey.

Great way to add to your cookbook library or replace mom's old favorite!
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"I was very excited when I first bought this cookbook because I do have the original from 1950--not in the best shape now, it was my mothers. It has been very much used over the years. It is a very nice copy but I was then a little disappointed when I realized it is not a true copy of the original cookbook. Some pages are not there and some recipes have been changed from the original cookbook. Again, it is a very nice cookbook and I am glad I have it in addition to my other. I do use it too."
– D. L. Pencille, , PA
  • Hardcover.
  • 450 pages.
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