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The Secret Life Of Squirrels Back To School Book
There's so much to do, from shopping for supplies, setting up the classrooms, visiting the playground, and making sure the bus is in good order--it's truly a nutty time of year!

Irresistible photos of wild squirrels in handcrafted miniature settings will surprise and delight readers and animal lovers of all ages.
Bathroom Reads Book
Trivia, jokes, quizzes and anecdotes to pore over while you're on the potty.

Chapters include Lavatory Lore, Survival Of The Stupidest, Keep A Sporting Attitude, Who Would Eat That? and 8 more.

Inside Example: Chapter 5: Who Would Eat That Garbage? ...What's honey? Twice-regurgitated insect vomit.

And have you ever looked down at your delicious, refreshing, lime Jell-O dessert and connected it with the most worthless leftover parts found on the slaughterhouse floor?
Brain Games Code Breaker Book
Test the limits of your brain using logical prowess and visual skills with cryptograms, anagrams, ciphers, mastermind, code-duko--over 180 puzzles in all.
Fix It And Forget It Baking With Your Slow Cooker Cookbook
Did you know your slow cooker can be used to make everything from cakes & bars, pies & tarts, puddings & custards, crisps & cobblers?

Most of these 150 recipes use ingredients that most people already have on hand. Because the food is baked in the slow cooker, there's no need to heat up the house. Each recipe includes essential prep time, cook time and other tips for success.

This will be your go-to source when planning for bake sales, prepping for the holidays, impressing last-minute guests, or just whipping up treats for the family.
John Wayne Made In America Book
John Wayne's story is uniquely American, and the effect the country had on Duke is matched only by the impact he had on the nation he loved so well.

Explore American history through the eyes of its most beloved icon, with exclusive photos and stories of Duke from some of the most pivotal moments in American history.

Includes an introduction by his son Ethan Wayne.

Click here to see our entire John Wayne collection!
Fart Dictionary
Whether it's politics, poetry, karaoke, Mardi Gras, Food Network, Jane Austen, love, war, ghosts, family, sports, fashion, Shakespeare, or vegetables... farts are funny, OK?

Discover oodles of odiferous gems such as the "apple fart: a fart that keeps the doctor away," the "boomerang fart: a fart which has somehow returned to haunt you," and many more.
Super Cats And Wonder Dogs Books
Enjoy moving tales about the astonishing powers of remarkable cats. Emily survived a journey across the Atlantic from America to France, trapped inside a shipping container! Read about Oscar, the nursing home cat, who predicts and provides comfort to residents in their final hours, and other true, heartwarming feline tales.

If dogs are more your thing, check out the dramatic and moving stories of man's best friend. Daisy put her life on the line to save her humans from a bear, and Delta saved her owner from a volcano!

Both marvelous collections highlight the animal instincts some cats and dogs have that make them courageous, selfless companions.
Color Me! Sugar Skull Coloring Book
Millions of adults around the world are rediscovering the relaxation and joy of coloring!

Whimsical images to color include city scenes, howling wolves, patterns, quotes, and more. Pages lie flat for ease in coloring, and are perforated for removal and framing if desired.
TOTS! Recipe Book
Irresistible cookbook offers 50 delicious and surprising recipes for snacks, appetizers, main dishes, sides--even desserts!

Try Tots Benedict for breakfast, Tot Pizza for dinner, and Apple Tot Crisp for dessert! Every recipe uses frozen commercial tater tots, and includes an appetizing, full-color photo.

Tot-ally awesome and delicious!
Sriracha Recipes Book
Bring on the heat!

Selection of more than 20 bold and flavorful recipes, each with a full-color photo. Choose from appetizers, soups, main dishes, sides, salads, and even beverages--sure to be the hit of the party!
Hershey's Chocolate Cookbook
Chocolate lovers, rejoice--this is the most decadent collection ever!

Find recipes for every mood, every craving, every occasion! Choose from timeless cookies, bars, cakes, cheesecakes, candies, pies, tarts and more!

Full-color photos and easy-to-follow directions for each.
YouTube World Records Book
From the tallest, the smartest, the smallest, the craziest, the fastest, and more!

An interactive collection of jaw-dropping efforts, with QR codes that link directly to more than 300 videos showcasing the greatest feats ever recorded on YouTube!

Grab your smartphone or tablet, scan the codes, and get ready to be astounded! Accompanied by color photos, facts, and trivia.
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