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Solar Jar Lamp
$35.98 - $39.98
Free sunlight forever!

Collects and stores the sun's energy so you can use it at night! Leave the jar in the sunlight for several hours to charge. When set to auto mode, the light sensor automatically turns the lamp on when it gets dark, and off when it gets light again.

Jar features a water-tight seal and will charge in a bright sunny spot indoors or outdoors. Provides about 5 hours of illumination on a full charge.
Infinity Hanging Lights
Amazing infinite-depth illusion visible from both sides!

The LED lighting can be seen from all angles, and is remote-controlled, making this light the perfect room decoration whether hung from the ceiling, or incorporated into other pieces and structures.

Buy any 2 or more, $14.98 each.
Stargazer Infinity Glass Nightlight
Copper Red
This glass nightlight dazzles with glowing stars for stylish illumination!

Laser-etched patterns across multiple layers of metallic film under the glass cover result in a unique celestial effect when lit.

Choose color: Copper or Red.
Balloon String Lights
Was: $15.98 - $16.98
Now: $14.97 - $15.98
Suitable for any party or celebration!

Ten latex balloons are attached to a strand of 10 white LED lights. Inflate the balloons through the silicone tube (with included pump or manually by blowing), then tuck the tube under the loop to seal the balloons.

To deflate, just untuck the tube. Battery operated; housing has an on/off switch which provides a full 24 hours of illumination in the on position.

Use over and over, then replenish as needed with your own high-quality latex balloons. Intended for use indoors or covered outdoor area.
Sugar Skull Flameless Candle
$15.98 - $17.98
The colorful Day Of The Dead symbol is steeped in rich tradition!

Crafted in white wax and lightly scented with vanilla, the candle houses a flickering LED light that mimics an actual flame.

Includes a built-in auto timer option (6 hours on/18 hours off).
Personalized Pansy Heart Candle
Keepsake lantern is handmade from wax, decorated with real garden flowers and brilliant Swarovski crystals to commemorate a special couple and their special date.

The hollow shell never burns, but includes a 6-hour votive that glows from within.

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Solar Butterfly Lantern
Mesh-winged butterfly brings a colorful glow to outdoor spaces. LED string inside illuminates the crackle-glass body.

Solar collector in back stores the sun's energy during the day and automatically illuminates the lantern at night.
Personalized Cross Memorial Candle
Dripless blended-wax candle is handmade and decorated with brilliant Swarovski crystals, making it a beautiful remembrance for a lost loved one.

State name, up to 20 spaces.
Solar Pineapple Lantern
Was: $32.98
Now: $24.87
During the day, the solar panel absorbs the sun's natural energy and automatically turns on the string of LED lights inside the colored glass at night.

Convenient handle allows you to hang your lantern from poles, trees, arbors, etc., but also looks great as a tabletop piece.
Elf On The Shelf Nightlight
Was: $21.98
Now: $7.57
With Flickering Campfire!

Based on the best-selling book! Remind family and friends of their favorite elf and add holiday cheer to your décor!

Highly detaled scene is sculpted, handpainted, and accented with a magical dusting of glitter.
Firefly Solar Lantern Assorted Colors
White Blue Aquamarine
Was: $16.98 - $16.98
Now: $14.97 - $16.98
Everything you need in a portable lantern--and more!

Use indoors, outdoors, camping, hiking, biking, boating (it's waterproof!) and even as an emergency light source.

With durable silicone housing and impact-resistant top, it weighs just 6 ounces and collapses for easy portability. Unscrew the top and use the base for storing small items like keys, ID, cash, etc. The lantern's built-in LEDs are charged by the solar panel on top; or, use the included magnetic USB charger cord in any available USB port.

Four light modes: low setting yields about 8 hours of light, medium, about 4 hours, and high, about 2 hours. There's also a flashing mode that mimics fireflies, and can be very useful as an SOS signal.

Choose color: White, Blue, or Aquamarine.
Himalayan Salt Lamp
Hand-carved 100% natural Himalayan salt lamp crystals originating from the Himalayan Mountains offer many benefits.

Environmentally-friendly light source works as an air purifier, emitting negative ions that help relieve sluggishness, clearing the air of smoke, pet dander, pollen & other pollutants, and reduces static electricity.

The soft glow makes it a perfect nightlight, or use as ambient mood lighting. With its round wood base, it provides a natural touch to any setting.

Includes a 15W incandescent bulb and cord with on/off switch.
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