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Donald Trump President Predicto Magical Fortune Talking Ball
It's the mind-bogging fortune teller that could make your future great again!

Just asking this talking President Predicto ball your yes-or-no question, and hear Donald Trump answer it in his actual voice.

Wave your hand across the top, and it lights up as the ball offers up one of 25 negative, positive, or noncommittal replies. So go ahead, ask if you dare--and prepare to be mystified!

You can carry it around with you for on-the-go predictions.

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Thank You Musical Prank Card With Glitter
$11.98 - $12.98
The perfect card for your BFF!

Filled with confetti glitter, it sings "Thank You For Being A Friend" from the hit TV sitcom The Golden Girls on a continuous loop.
Joker Cricket And Toot Pranks
Hide. Play. Annoy. Drive them crazy with these pranks that stick on nearly anything!

Hide behind doors, furniture, or inside desk drawers and watch as your victim tries to locate the source of cricket chirps or fart sounds.

Buy any 2 or more, $8.98 each.
Incredible Candle Set
$15.98 - $17.98
Light the center wick, and the sparklers ignite the outer ring of candles. The petals open, and the flower spins as it plays "Happy Birthday!"

Set of 2 candles ignites a celebration they'll never forget!

Adult supervision required.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Love Uncensored Postcard Collection
There's nothing sexier than a sense of humor!

Pack of 50 tear-out postcards feature playful pop-art images and colorful--sometimes OFF-color--captions from cute to naughty that say "I love you..." or at least, "I want you!"

The method of delivery is up to you... whether you choose to send through the mail, slip under a door, leave on a desk, or hand to a stranger, there's no telling where it will lead.
Farts In A Jar And Canned Laughter Sound Machines
It's amazing what comes in a can these days!

Six high-quality farts are captured for your listening and pranking pleasure. Just lift the lid to hear a complete range of toots, poots and squeaks.

Next to Grandma's chicken soup, laughter is the best medicine. Lift the lid to hear six laughs, from contagious giggles to rib-tickling guffaws!

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Buy any 2 or more, $13.50 each.
Donald Trump Talking Boxing Pen
$9.98 - $10.98
Each punch of POTUS is accompanied by boxing sounds, or one of 8 different famous Trump phrases in his own voice!

"I'm the smartest guy I know," "Don't touch my hair," "My IQ is huge," and 5 more will have you in stitches.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Dog Wine Stopper
Was: $13.98
Now: $12.97
Stop wine from turning to vinegar with our quirky bottle topper.

Cute pup with floppy ears attached to heavy duty wine stopper with rubber seal preserves the grapey goodness.
Fart Sound Button
Was: $9.98
Now: $3.67
Not silent, not deadly but still hilarious!

Push down on the button to hear an assortment of authentic-sounding toots and poots, from little squeaks to big blasts!
Prank Gift Boxes
$6.97 - $7.98


Prank Gift Boxes Will Leave You (And Them) In Stitches!

Highly-realistic printed boxes hide your gift in what looks like a ridiculous item that is sure to cause a laugh riot! Slip your "real" gift inside the empty prank box and wrap as usual. Your gift recipient will be speechless when they tear into their gift!

"Just what I always wanted... NOT!"
Elf Excited Buddy Stand Up
"Santa! I know him!"

Who could forget Buddy's joyous excitement at the prospect of Santa's visit to the department store?

Life-size cardboard cut-out captures his jubilant expression so you can recall Buddy's happiest moments anytime!
Donald Trump Corkscrew
First the country, then the world... and now, your wine!

Uncork your sense of humor with the gold standard of wine openers. This outrageous cork popper is a "yuuuge" conversation starter, political or otherwise!

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